The aim of any small business should be to grow and increase revenue. Avoid repeating previous mistake. It is year 2020. Take advantage of this magic and boost your business.
Upgrade your website– research your competitor and navigate through their website to understand how they are leading your industry. Take into account the kind of website architecture and logic. These could be either a progressive website application, advance system, or an interactive website with a mobile app. Haven’t done that, you can make a decision on the type of upgrade that your business website requires.
In order to make an informed decision, an extensive competitor analyses may be required.
Let’s Talk if your need a competitor analyses website audit
Boost your business in 2020

Plan a monthly budget for advertisement – Your business website is your online office. Take advantage of your business website to increase your revenue. Just like a physical office that requires monthly budget. Your business website requires the same. If you are a local business, take advantage of your local directories and Google My Business (Make sure your address and contact details is captured on your business profile), run paid advertisement on google mobile ads in order to target your real audience, and offer loyalty rewards. Never forget to set a goal and monitor your progress with Google Analytics.

Automate your invoicing – User experience must be considered in year 2020. Research as shown that users spend less time on a website with bad user experience. Make clear of your services or products that you offer, and automate your invoicing. This will allow you and your potential client to preview and make necessary adjustment in the services interested in, before committing with payment. Sometimes, if you offer a fix price, a payment gateway integration for easy checkout will improve your user experience.